Relationships are a vital part of our lives. They can bring us great happiness.  Strong connections with our family members, friends and work colleagues help us maintain health, well-being and fulfillment. While for many people these relationships offer an important source of love, support and advice, for others, it may not come so easy. 

I believe that answers to our difficulties lie within our relationships with others – sometimes starting in childhood.  Knowing the importance of relationships to our wellbeing also means that our therapy relationship is a key ingredient to the change process. 

Old negative patterns of thoughts, feelings and actions can persist and keep us stuck.  Our sessions will help you to identify these old patterns and develop individual tools and techniques to create new positive ones.  The skills you will gain can help you to better manage personal and emotional issues, improve your relationships and your mental and physical health. 

My experience shows that we can exist very much ‘in our heads’ and often have a loud inner dialogue.  We can ignore important messages from our feelings, bodies and the outside world. Working through your thoughts, feelings and behaviour with me will help you to quieten the inner voice, understand and accept yourself, make positive changes and move forward.

Drawing from my training and experience in different types of counselling, I offer bespoke therapy that is personal to you and your needs.  Specific therapeutic techniques enable us to tackle specific problems.  My approach draws from elements of Person-Centred, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal and Solution-Focused therapies and I ensure that you, your experiences and your goals are at the very heart of the process.